Technical Advisory Services

APMG Technical Advisory Services, a division of APMG South Africa, is a marketing and packaging consultancy that caters for startup, small and medium companies who do not have the marketing and technical Infrastructure to penetrate the Sub-Saharan packaging market. We offer complete packaging solutions from strategy to penetrating the respective markets, including building business models from film manufacturing, printing, conversion and product application.

APMG technical advisory services understand that there is a lack of marketing and technical expertise in the packaging industry and we offer our client’s years of experience accompanied with in-depth industry hands-on knowledge. These skills originate from direct and frontline knowledge from all areas of the packaging supply chain.


APMG technical advisory services offers assistance in projects that require construction, process and application development. Our specialists interact with Film and Ink suppliers for specialized developments and process trials throughout the supply chain. The determination of the correct grades and construction for adequate product protection, assessment of conversion and application processes for feasibility and the establishment of the correct grades from market to competitor samples are amongst our key activities. APMG Technical Advisory Services also recommends replacement products for market edge and advise on the relevant specification and tests methods required


APMG technical advisory services also advise on new equipment purchases, film grades required for the changing market, printing & conversion techniques and product application requirements. The development of film and conversion specifications to suit the respective downstream processes as well as the development of test methods to test critical parameters required for film construction are amongst our key expertise. Guidance with regards to the relevant testing of equipment and the suitability of alternate raw materials and the latest trends in conversion and application techniques add to this innovative service offering.


We jump in and provide an independent opinion and decision on disputes whilst effectively assessing and determining the cause of problems in the supply chain. The effective assessment and determining the cause of problems in the supply chain, aid us in respective improvements that can be made to the process or equipment in order to foster better efficiency. APMG Technical Advisory Services advises and highlights the actual point where defects occur in the supply chain and further assist by recommending specification changes or corrective action measures. When necessary we interact with other suppliers in the industry to provide objective evidence of the cause of defects or problems and subsequently analyse internal quality problems and minimise defects effectively.


APMG technical advisory services trains staff and laboratory staff on films, conversion and application processes, quality and food safety. We also offer specific training for your customers and suppliers on films and the conversion processes. This training facilitates staff in the respective conversion processes.